Dr. Drew X Coles, Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Serial Entrepreneur, and Educator

Drew X Coles

Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Serial Entrepreneur, and Educator


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Eric Jay Begay, Audio Engineer, Video Editor, J&K Productions

Eric Jay Begay

Dr. Heidi Kay Begay - Flautists, Podcaster, Educator, Consultant - Flute 360 Podcast

Dr. Heidi Kay Begay

Kathy Blocki, KinderFlute Class Creator. Bestselling Author. Flutist.

Kathy Blocki

Eric Branner, Co-Founder of Fons, Guitarist, Educator

Eric Branner

Arthur Breur, composer, entrepreneur, web designer. FireSpike LLC, Floating Home Music.

Arthur Breur

Alex Craig

Alex Craig

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Dr. Katherine Emeneth. Flutist, Music Studio Coach, The Music Teacher's Playbook.

Dr. Katherine Emeneth

Alexandra Gardner, composer, coach, consultant

Alexandra Gardner

Jason Heath

Bassist, Podcaster, Educator

Contrabass Conversations

Beth Ann Hilton, Publicist. Owner of The B Company, Co-host of "The Creators."

Beth Ann Hilton

Dr. Garrett Hope

Tami Lee Hughes, Performer, Educator, Consultant

Dr. Tami Lee Hughes

Performer, Educator, Consultant

Megan Ihnen

Mezzo-Soprano, Consultant, Writer

Studio Class Podcast, Sybaritic Singer

David A. Jones, Music Producer. Director at Presto Music School and Director at Presto Music Production. Author.

David A. Jones

Jon Mattox

Composer, Sound Engineer, YouTuber

Creating Music and Sound

Mattia Maurée, multi-passionate artist and life coach

Mattia Maurée

Multi-passionate Artist and Life Coach

Dr. Lisa Neher

Composer, Vocalist, Coach, Educator

Austin Pancner

Austin Pancner

Health Coach for Musicians, Trombonist

Sean Perrin

Sam Reti, founder of Muzie.Live

Sam Reti

Founder of Muzie.Live

Tom Sabella & Bob Bender

Adam Schumaker

Composer, Educator

Kalamazoo College, Gilmore Keyboard Festival

Steven Shomler, Life Story Alchemist, Founder & CEO of Spark to Bonfire

Steven Shomler

Life Story Alchemist

Founder & CEO, Spark to Bonfire

Jaime Slutzky, CEO at Tech of Business

Jaime Slutzky

Glory St. Germain

Glory St. Germain

Ultimate Music Theory, International Bestselling Author
Ultimate Music Theory

Shell Tain

Money Coach

Sensible Coaching

Ed Windels, composer, arranger, orchestrator

Ed Windels

Composer | Arranger | Orchestrator

"I don't know what it was about that summit, but it was probably the only one I've attended that felt like it was in-person even though it was virtual! I really enjoyed the sessions, and it resulted in some significant connections that are continuing for me today! Kudos to you both for whatever magic you put into the planning process to bring that about!"

— Mindy Peterson